Monday, June 21, 2010

Homeschooling One

This is a new stage of the journey our home is entering. Homeschooling one is something I haven't done in years. I am surrounded by folks who are homeschooling two or more, in some cases many more.

I sometimes marvel at the number of families that I know that have children from toddlers to adults. I often find myself asking the Lord, "Why?" Why am I surrounded by these big families?

So, here's where I'm at. I need to figure out how to do this, without the boy and I driving each other crazy. We're together all day, we're together all night. We don't live where we can get outside and work -- nice complex, with all the ammenities. I don't drive so I can't take us anywhere. Dad doesn't come home at the end of the day to change our routine.

Any other single homeschooling momma's out there that are just doing it with one? How do you balance it? Do you have help? I'm interested in some feedback.

Blessings, Maggieraye

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who Are You Trusting?

Several years ago, I got a hold of the tape, Defending the Fatherless by Doug Philips at Vision Forum. I was like a dog with a bone. I gave it to everyone and anyone who would listen. I stood on my soap box. Why weren't churches doing more to help single mothers remain at home and train up their children? If you've followed me long, you know!

The last two years have been very isolated for us. We haven't had a church family, because I didn't know what I believed or who would help or basically which end was up. Some very good things are coming of this very difficult season.

The first thing is that I've learned I have to rely on God, not the church or fellow believers. I've learned that the people I thought could or would help are the least likely to do it spontaneously.

I've learned not to follow the teachings of man even when they are based on Scripture, especially if they seem to be trendy.

I've learned that I can't do it, that I have to ask God and sometimes I even have to ask other.

Here is what I mean. You all know about the family intergrated movement going on. Homeschoolers especially are reclaiming their children from Sunday School and youth group programs and parents are taking the responsibility of discipling their own children. The leaders are encouraging men to take back their roles as leaders of the home. This is all wonderful. However, when they are approached, at least in my personal experience and asked what they would recommend for a daughter of a single mother who wanted to remain at home but had no father to give her a vision to follow -- there was no answer. When asked what they recommended for a single mother with no resources who wanted to start a family business to leave a legacy for her son -- there was no answer.

I've fought anger, frustration and even bitterness. It was my own fault. I was looking to men, when I should have looked to the Lord. I've since learned that really, father's have no business Scripturally to be training their daughters to fill the role of wife and mother. Daughters need to honor and obey their fathers, as long as they remain under their roof and care, but the training of young women falls to the older women and thus their mothers. Read Titus 2:3-5. I've also learned that single mothers raising sons in the Lord have hope in Scripture as well. King Lemuel's lessons in Proverbs 31 came from his mother -- read the first couple of verses. And Timothy was trained up in faith by his mother and grandmother.

I sigh a huge sigh of relief. I may be unconventional. I may not fit in this new trendy movement, although I do agree with some of their ideas. I sigh, because rebuked, I realize that God is faithful.

Our income recently dropped. We had to move to a smaller home because of it, but that also caused our rent to drop. The amount we were initially short is actually cut now by 2/3 because the amount of our rent decrease. That amount 1/3 of what we originally anticipated seems easy to make up and far less overwhelming. But the thing is no man, no church helped us. It was totally the Lord's doing.

I have such a hard time trusting the Lord and remember Jeremiah 29:11 that He really only wants His best for me.

May this encourage you to stop trusting in men and to lean on the Lord for your provision as you strive to train up your children in Christ and to glorify the Lord in your journey.

Blessings, MaggieRaye

Thursday, June 17, 2010


For those of you who've followed me, I blogged for most of the last five years at Homeschool Blogger. However recently it seemed time for a change. So here I am. For the rest, my old blog is still up at Homeschool Blogger if you're curious you can check it out (

I'm here to share, inspire and encourage single momma's who are homeschooling. That's what I do. I do other things to and you will get to see a patch of this and a piece of that along the way.

Blessings, MaggieRaye