Monday, April 4, 2011

Cockroaches and Head Lice and Bedbugs .... Oh, My!

Okay, did you cringe and shudder as you read the title? Did you think that maybe you'd just skip reading this post? Did you think I'd been struck with a horrible run of bad luck? All are possible.

However, this post is about taking "bad" stuff and turning it into life lessons.

When I lived in SC when my daughter was little, we had cockroaches. I was mortified. I was a single mom who already felt very inferior in our nice congregation of married people. But I soon learned that there are place in the south, where even the good, nice, clean people have cockroaches. It's just a fact of life. You bomb your home periodically and life goes on.

About five or six years ago, when I first started opening my homeschool to other families, I had two young ladies who came to our home. They also were from low income, single parent homes. That fall we had an outbreak of head lice. It went through my home twice. I took it as an opportunity to educate these young ladies, on prevention as well as treatment. I also had the opportunity to see how some people really are about things like this. We were judged pretty severely by those closest to us, folks who would not have taken these girls in to begin with. My son was singled out by his "best" friend, who suddenly wouldn't sit near him in Sunday School, because he didn't want to get "bugs". And they were little.

So, bed we haven't yet, and Lord willing won't experience them. However, this weekend, we were blessed with some linens that had been stored for some time. As I was washing them, my son said, "Do you think they have bed bugs?" Where did that come from? Then I remembered another conversation he'd obviously heard recently, when I didn't think he was really listening. I assured him, that the reason I took things onto the porch was NOT because I thought they had bed bugs, but because I thought that there was a possibility mice might have nested in them and I didn't want mice in the house, because his sister is extremely allergic to them. I also reminded him that as I brought things in I was washing them and that none of this was linen we would likely be using ourselves, I had a couple of quilt projects in mind.

What bothered me was his dread of bed bugs. It also bothered me that I was pretty sure if it happened, he would again experience some cruel remarks and treatment and the ignorant hands of others.

They are not pleasant, but gosh, it can happen to anyone, rich or poor, clean or dirty. And for the record, clean people are more likely to get head lice than dirty ones, it's easier for the nits to cling to clean hair shafts. Just sayin'.

So how about you? Any experiences or judgments you'd like to share?

Blessings, MaggieRaye


  1. I don't have a judgment to share, except maybe to agree with you about the lice. My son has been in a creche for nearly a year and half, and thank goodness we haven't had that yet! *Knock on wood* Although we have had problems with bed bugs, or something, in his room - has happened twice so far, and he's ended up covered in little red bites, and I've had to bomb his room, and the entire house. I think that was because we had birds nesting in the roof though ...

  2. My daughter always using hairspray and after a few months she complained that her scalp became itchy...i think it’s the head lice attacking her hair. I think it’s the kind of hair spray or hair spray can attract head? Is there any head lice treatment.

  3. Marlon,
    It is unlikely that it is the hairspray...honestly, that and gel seem to be things that help keep the lice away normally. Lice actually prefer really clean hair, it makes it easier to actually attack to the hair shaft. There are many treatments, both home remedy and commercial ones that are harsh, chemical based. Honestly the best one I found was to slather head and hair with mayonnaise (I bought some cheap stuff at the local discount store) and to let it set for several hours, it loosens the lice and nits. Then wash the hair and use a nit comb, daily for a week. It's the nits that don't get removed that keep reinfesting the head. I learned to appreciate the expression "nit picking" during this season of our I did it daily w/3-4 people. It takes a bit of time when 3 of us had long hair.